“For years I have thought about writing, but this class got me writing about what I was thinking. I didn’t start to write because I wasn’t sure I had anything to say. I was astonished to discover so much about myself through the exercises of this class.” – Bob Stocking, Consultant

“I was amazed at how the participants, including chaplains, nurses and social workers, opened up and shared their writing. Carol is fabulous – a ’servant teacher’ who jumps in and wrestles with the writing prompts right alongside the group. Her humility, humor, and grace exude a calmness that enhances honesty on the page.” – Heidi Gessner Bereavement Coordinator, UNC Hospitals

“I have worked with Carol for over two years. I have been a student in her classes, worked with her on an individual basis on my memoir, and attended a four-day writing worship Carol co-led with her husband Bill. It is no accident that Carol’s classes are always full and students return semester after semester to write with her. Carol is like a mid-wife, helping her students give voice to their deepest selves. Such an endeavor requires well-honed writing and listening skills, an appreciation of each student’s unique life experience, and outstanding group leadership skills. I have been in many focus/therapy/reading/ groups in my lifetime. Carol shows the best group leadership skills I’ve encountered. Not only does she attend to practical group details like starting and ending on time or keeping the group focused, she creates safety by overseeing the group process with careful attention, thereby making a space for her students to write from the heart. Carol also is a great resource for books and information about writing.” -Carolyn Cooper, Carrboro North Carolina

“We wrote until we had cramps—the most inspiring, invigorating workshop I’ve ever attended—most helpful in teaching me how to generate really good writing. Henderson is truly gifted.” –Sue Preslar re: Carol’s Workshop, “A Writer’s Notebook: Mining Your World for Gems

“I have taken Carol’s journaling class twice, and I plan to take it again. I have benefited both personally and professionally from her skillful and imaginative teaching. I use the prompts I learned in class with my therapy clients and have found journaling, as taught by Carol, to be a wonderful new tool in my professional repertoire. –Nancy Durham, MSW, LCSW

“Carol Henderson’s course renewed my creativity and connected me with my writing self. Her exercises, handouts, and suggestions invigorated my writing inside and outside the classroom. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to discover what they think while having fun in the process!” –Sherryl Kleinman, Professor of Sociology, UNC-Chapel Hill

“I’ve taken a number of writing courses, and although I’ve gotten certain things from certain courses, none of them has gotten me actually writing, pen to paper, brain engaged, not being overly critical of my writing, as well as Carol’s ‘Writing From Personal Experience.’” –Lisa Dendy, librarian and writer

“Carol’s passion for journaling is contagious—her ability to reach out and make each student feel special is a gift. Her course helped me through a very difficult time in my life. Giving us themes to work on each session allowed me to express my feelings on paper and to soothe my soul. I continue to journal as a result of taking her class.” –Carol Genovese, labor mediator

“I wanted to say how much Carol’s workshop inspired me. It was so comforting to be in that setting, surrounded by other mothers who have been through similar experiences in life. Carol’s special art is to make others feel at ease expressing themselves in the written and spoken word.” –Monica Sleap, bereaved mother and nurse

“I have kept a journal for over 5 years now. I was struck by how the simple prompts Carol offered unleashed a wealth of untapped feelings.” –Mary Sullivan, Executive Director, Project Compassion

“The whole workshop was a healing experience. Carol’s pacing, sensitivity to the order of activities, listening and feedback were all extraordinary. I was never uncomfortable even with a group of people I had never met. Even if my writing about my daughter is never published, it is so important to put those words on paper and to read them later.” –Kay Windsor, bereaved mother and high school English teacher

“Carol’s encouraging, non-judgmental presence; her open-ended prompts and the safe container she creates have enabled me to listen to myself in new ways. I LOVE her class.” –Margaret Campion, Polarity and Trauma Healing Therapist

“Carol’s class is the best way I’ve found to get the creative juices flowing. She is able to communicate and encourage in a unique way. Even better, I now use her techniques on a daily basis.” –Sherry Siddall, poet