My Workshops

The dynamics that emerge in the workshop setting never cease to amaze me. Fed by each other’s inspiration, people turn in work that surprises and delights them. Everyone quickly recognizes what’s happening; everyone appreciates it.

For me, it’s a privilege to hear all those voices, and make these fantastic forays into other people’s minds. The understanding that comes from hearing response to your own writing, read aloud, is revelatory–and new to many–and helps you learn about yourself as a writer. It leads to you think: “oh, my gosh, there IS humor in my work!” The effect of this group energy, or synergy, if properly encouraged, can lead to stunning work.

Journaling Workshops

Writers of all levels of experience and of all genres can come together in a journaling workshop. There are no criteria for acceptance other than a sincere desire and willingness to write… (more)

Writing to Prompts Workshops

Designed after the method developed by Pat Schneider, founder of Amherst Writers & Artists, to help us find our truest voices and to silence our inner critics… (more)

Creative Nonfiction Writers’ Groups

This is primarily an essay writing workshop–although we always have a number of book length projects. Groups are ongoing, and began as spin-offs from my original Creative Non-fiction Class, “Writing From Personal Experience.” (more)

Specialized Workshops

These are brief workshops–usually 1 day to or a weekend–offered when occasions arise. Can range from personal writing–open go all–to writing as healing, given for medical and counseling professionals. Listings are updated when new events are announced.

Healing Power of the Written Word

This is a day-long workshop for bereaved mothers, focusing on restorative self-expression through writing, in a safe, nurturing environment. The workshop is designed to help both writers and non-writers explore journaling techniques to promote stress reduction, healing, insight, and a richer life experience. Responding to prompts, we will write personal narratives, dialogues with aspects of ourselves, unsent letters, lists, poetry, and more. Date: to be announced. Fee: $75. For more information, contact Carol.