Journaling into a Larger Life

“The events in our lives happen in a sequence in time, but in their significance to ourselves, they find their own order . . . the continuous thread of revelation.”—Eudora Welty

A journal can be a “continuous thread of revelation.” On its pages we can gain access to our interior lives, reconsider the world, step outside ourselves, tell our life stories, delve deeply into creative projects and learn to pay attention to the moment. Keeping a journal can promote equilibrium, insight and a fresh, original approach to writing and daily living. And research shows that writing about the deep, important stuff of life improves our immune systems and makes us feel better.

Though I’m not currently offering Journaling Into a larger Life, I use many journaling techniques in most of my writing workshops: explorations using: free writing, memory, dreams, character portraits, prompts, poetry, dialogues with aspects of our selves and more. The emphasis is on process—not product.

I keep a journal and highly recommend the discipline. Our journals can help us understand our pasts, discover joy in the present and transform our futures. Journals are also great places to explore ideas for creative projects.