Specialized Workshops

These are brief workshops–usually 1 day or a weekend–offered when occasions arise. They range from personal writing for special groups, such as bereaved mothers, to writing as healing, given for medical and counseling professionals. I also offer developmental workshops for teachers, hands-on training for better ways to teach writing in the schools.

Note: listings for these specials will be updated as new events are planned and announced.

Healing Power of the Written Word

This is a day-long workshop for bereaved mothers, focusing on restorative self-expression through writing, in a safe, nurturing environment. The workshop is designed to help both writers and non-writers explore journaling techniques to promote stress reduction, healing, insight, and a richer life experience. Responding to prompts, we will write personal narratives, dialogues with aspects of ourselves, unsent letters, lists, poetry, and more. Date: to be announced. Fee: $75. For more information, contact Carol.


Customized for Special Groups

Every day, we use language for the necessities–to chat with our friends, report on a meeting–or just to order a pizza. But we seldom use it for self discovery, to learn what we truly think or feel. in my professional workshops, I teach reflective writing as a transformational tool for stimulating insight, relieving stress, promoting healing, self-knowledge, and mutual understanding. Cases in point:

• Dealing with bereavement is often a challenge in large organizations. My workshops, which can be customized for a variety of corporate and institutiional settings, evolved out of my work with a group of mothers who, like me, had lost a child.

• Every day the folks staffing major regional Hospice facilities undergo the emotions and stress of caring for patients in their final stage of life. Reflective writing is a skill perfectly suited for professionals in the caring professions, both to teach their patients and clients, and to help care for themselves.

• Hopsice workers are not necessarily grieving, personally, but their constant daily work is with those who are–and in addition are often traumatized. This level of service– in this high-stress “workplace”- can lead to depression, burnout, and (at the very least) reduced job performance. Transformative writing is a powerful tool for revitalization that all HR staff members can benefit from–both professionally and personally.

Recently I conducted Writing for Caregivers, a staff development workshop series, for counselors and medical staff at Hospice and Paliative Care Center, Winston-Salem, NC. Here is a sample of the response:

“This has been an amazing opportunity to reconnect with myself. I had no idea how disconnected I had become. The exercises have changed my life and instilled the curiosity and willpower for me to continue journaling after today. You have changed my life and I THANK YOU!”
–Kay Watson, Community Education Liaison, Hospice and Palliative Care Center

“. . . I learned that there is a writer (fiction) inside me! I’ve always seen myself more as a non-fiction recorder who can embellish, but this was a wonderful awakening. Thank you!”
–Donna Hampton, Grief Counsellor

“I have learned that I love to write. I have been reminded that I can write about lots of things—not just myself, my life. I have learned that I learn a great deal when I write.”
–Sara E. Bridges, Community Education Liaison

“Confirmation that writing is good therapy, good self care. Venting on paper, dreaming on paper– anything on paper is not wasted energy, but a beginning step for healing and wholeness. Writing is essential for my well-being. Thank you, it has been a joy and a blessing!!”
–Chris Martin, Long-Term Care Liaison

“Writing is a good way to find out what you’rethinking.”
–Carol Ford, Community Partnership Liaison

“Some days everything was funny. The subject could have been Death and I would still write something that made me laugh. Prompts, objects and paintings, all really helped to get my writing started.”
–Faye Everhart, Volunteer Coordinator

“I’ve learned to express myself in writing in different ways. I’ve learned there is still much work to be done on myself but also how far I’ve come. I’ll miss this monthly event. Thanks for it all!”
–Anna Scott, Medical Liaison