Visual Writing Prompt — Eating Out


List of 10 on eating out:

1. I have this thing about lunching out–I’m bad at it. Don’t like dinner out either. And I don’t do breakfast.

2. “No wonder I never got the jobs,” my friend Mary told me the other night–at a reception, not a dinner. “I ordered the wrong food at those lunch interviews, salad. I probably talked while chewing.” Bingo.

3. If you must lunch out, order soup. Liquids work. But if the soups suck?

4. If you want to meet and talk, get together over coffee or drinks.

5. When I have to go out to lunch, I’m checking the clock, starting about 7 a.m. What to wear? When to leave? Do I shower first? I should; I’m nasty. But I want to work out later. Crap. Where to stop what I’m doing? Why do my best ideas percolate when I’m gonna be late if I don’t leave, like, NOW?

6. Even in my desk-job days, I preferred bringing my lunch and wolfing it solo.

7. My friend Betsy never wants to dine with others. “I believe meals should be eaten alone,” she said, “in the middle of the night.”

8. I do like the waitress’s huge white bow in the painting, though.

9. I remember the time my father spat out the Four Seasons red wine he was taste-testing. “Vinegar,” he hissed. I wanted to slide down my chair and vanish under the linen tablecloth.

10. My daughter Colette, at about age 5, ate alone in her room for a year and only the “beige” diet–cheerios, vanilla yogurt, grilled cheese sandwiches on white bread, pasta with butter, peeled pears and apples, banana coins. David Brinkley’s little sister sat alone at a small table, set just for her, under the family’s.

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