What I Offer

I work with writers at all levels of skill and experience. My beat is the power of writing to create change–and I offer three distinct ways to help make that happen:

• Coaching
• Workshops
• Professional programs.

One-on-one, live or by phone, I help writers realize their projects by finding the story in their material, then developing the most effective voice and form in which to realize it.

From a Recent Workshop…
“I’m so grateful for your workshop. I think I’ll be writing a lot more now that I’m reawakening in a way—the group gave me some community that was safe and encouraging, where I could try out words and images . . . and it reminded me that on the fringes is where I fit best. It was also very encouraging of my actual writing as well as my voice.”

–Caroline Proctor, Executive Director and Chaplain Presbyterian Prison Ministry, Inc. Raleigh, NC

My workshops have become well-known for their synergy. My approach works for groups of writers at all levels–from the beginner, eager to delve into the challenges of transforming feelings and ideas into polished, vibrant prose, to professional, looking new patterns, new creative sparks. [More Info]

Professional Programs
For health professionals, counselors, and human resource managers. We use language every day for the necessities, but seldom for self discovery, to learn what we think or feel – or simply to delight ourselves and others. With this in mind, I specialize in 1-to-3 day workshops designed to introduce transformative writing as a powerful revitalization tool. W” [More info]

From a Recent Workshop…
“As if you can do such a thing, prepare yourself for surprises. Stories will emerge you didn’t know were inside of you. Your fellow participants will take risks that shock you. Writers will shed their personalities to become authentic storytellers. You can expect all this and more, though you must experience it to realize the power of Carol Henderson’s writing workshop… Carol provides insightful, thought-provoking prompts that encourage a variety of writing styles and types. The creative, supportive atmosphere Carol creates seeps in and takes hold so that by the end of the week her writers are reaching new depths and producing a different caliber of writing.”
–Celina Mincey, Charlotte, North Carolina