Writing to Prompts Workshops

My Writing to Prompts Workshops are designed after the method developed by Pat Schneider, founder of Amherst Writers & Artists, to help us find our truest voices, access our deepest creativity, and silence our inner critics. The idea behind Pat’s approach–and mine–is that we all learn from accessing the unconscious and exploring new genres. For this reason, the workshop is open to writers of all genres and levels of experience.

What happens in an actual workshop? I open by giving a prompt followed by a 20-30 minute writing period.

• You are completely free to ignore the prompt if you’d rather write about something else.

• We read what we’ve written, aloud, though no one is required to read aloud.

• We limit discussion to positive feedback ONLY. Rather than be instantly critical, we focus on what we love, what we remember, what works. Critiques can come later, with subsequent drafts. We take a break before writing and reading in response to another prompt.

• The workshop leader (Carol) also writes and reads.

• We maintain confidentiality. What happens in the workshop stays in the workshop.

• By the end of the 8 or 10-week session, we will have generated a trove of rich material as well as new confidence in our writing voices. This past session several of us got inspired to be part of national novel writing month. We generated lots of great material–drafts of books!